Hot Tapping

Hot Tapping is a means of adding a branch connection to an existing transmission main without a shutdown of service. Below are examples of common tapping method.

8" Hot Tap

10" Save a Valve Tee

8" Hot Tap

Tap Master Inc. - 45 Degree hot tap45° Hot Tap

18x6" Wet Tap

24 x 12" Wet Tap

30 x 20" Wet Tap

54 x 16" Hot Tap

Save a Valve Tee Hot Tap

60" Hot Tap

A tapping outlet and valve is connected to an existing main and pressure tested. A tapping machine is mounted and advanced forward, the hole saw cuts into the line while pressured.

The cutter is retracted while retaining the cut section to the pipe and the hot tapped valve is closed off. The tapping machine is now removed and the valve is ready for service.

  • Straight Tap
  • Angle Tap
  • Elbow Tap